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In today's high-tech world a complete shutdown of the entire data center would be catastrophic for a business of any size, and for some companies, it is their entire business.

CEPE LLC provides design and expertise to Community Care Physicians new Data Center

CEPE wins CMA Data Center in Texas.

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Critical Environmental & Power Equipment, LLC

More than just an equipment source, we are solution providers. Our solution engineering skills for your critical environmental or power problem come from over 25 years in the critical systems business.

We represent Emerson Network Power. Under the Emerson umbrella, we are pleased to provide solutions from Liebert and Avocent.

Through Liebert and Avocent, we have access to everything necessary for your data center, from backup power and cooling, to monitoring and management.

We are also conscious of the direction in which data centers are currently moving. Our solutions take into account availability, scalability, consolidation, standardization, and environmental factors when tailoring a solution that meets your precise needs.

Industry standards demand increased data center performance. With the uptime experts of Critical Environmental and Power Equipment, you can be on the leading edge of technology and performance.

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